WELCA (Women of the ELCA)

The St Lukes of WELCA contact person is Edna Miller ednammiller@charter.net. 

Mission Statement : To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.

Prayer : God be merciful unto us and bless us and cause his face to shine upon us that thy ways may be known upon earth and thy saving health among all nations.    Amen.

Women of the ELCA Purpose Statement :  As a community of women, created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.... We commit outselves to grow in faith, affirm out gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society and the world.

Information and Events :     

                                                                                           Catawba Conference- North Carolina Women of the ELCA

                                                                                                      Zion Lutheran Church, Hickory, North Carolina

                                                                                                                Fall Gathering Minutes-October 11, 2014


The Fall Gathering of the Catawba Conference, North Carolina Women of the ELCA, was held on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Zion Lutheran Church. The host facility was beautifully decorated and the ladies welcomed everyone as we registered and enjoyed breakfast refreshments. Peggy Austin played a beautiful prelude.


Kathy Bailey-Wallace, Presider of the Catawba Conference, welcomed everyone and we recited the Purpose Statement.


Benelia Reese, President of Zion, welcomed everyone. Interim Pastor, Pastor David Hill, gave greetings. He talked about what a privilege it was to be here with Women of the ELCA. He wanted to thank all the women because he is a pastor because of the women’s group. He was called as a pastor at Living Waters Lutheran Church, which was a mission church at that time to serve as a Native America Pastor to the first and still only Lutheran Church east of the Mississippi on a Cherokee reservation. He offered a prayer. We sang the hymn, “Gather Us In.”


Ann Peele from the Family Guidance Center came to give a message about the Battered Women’s Shelter. She talked about the women whom they serve. In a year, they serve about 150 to 165 women in the shelter. Women come in terrified with only what they were wearing when they left. The center helps them find a place to live after living at the shelter.


The roll call was taken and disclosed that 13 congregational units were represented, 58 ladies participating- one pastor, two guests and one board member. Tamarah Hefner, Director of Communication, then read the minutes of the 2014 Spring Gathering at Faith in Conover. The roll call and minutes were approved.


Our program was on “Women and Justice” given by Karin O’Donnell, our board liason.

She read many bible verses. We discussed what justice is-fairness, equality and accountability. We were divided into 10 groups and talked about what we thought the social statement should include. A lot of discussion was done by all the women. Then we all shared what our group had discussed. Karin ended our discussion with prayer. The hymn, “We are Called” was sung to end our program.


We held our Service of Remembrance for all of the women who had gone to be with the Lord Triumphant this past year. Our conference had lost a lot of women in the past year.


The offerings were taken. During the offering, the pianist played a beautiful arrangement of “How Great Thou Art”. The regular offering designated for “Lily Pad” was $279.50. The pennies offering was designated for Leadership Legacy was $93.00. Canned goods were estimated at $60.00 for the Hickory CCM.  The in-kind gifts for the Battered Women’s Shelter was estimated at $225.00. The Christine Bohr Anderson Seminary Scholarship was $60.00. Susan Leonard had the offering prayer.


Karin O’Donnell, Board Representative of NC Women of the ELCA, gave President Susan Harris’ message. Our theme, “Sisters Rejoicing Together” was the theme of her message. She talked about the many activities planned this year and the triennial that was held in Charlotte in July. She reminded us that we are all sisters in faith. We are not all Mary or are we all Martha but together we are many members but only one body in Christ.


Committee Reports were given by Karin O’Donnell about the Leadership Legacy.

Kathy Bailey-Wallace asked if anyone would consider hosting the One Day Retreat on February 21st. Mt. Olive volunteered. She also asked if anyone would consider hosting the Fall 2015 Conference Gathering. St. Paul’s, Startown, agreed to host this event.

The closing hymn was “Go My Children with My Blessing.”


A benediction and blessing was given by Pastor David Hill. We then went into the fellowship hall and had a delicious lunch which was provided by the women of Zion.




Respectfully submitted,


Tamarah Hefner

Director of Communication

  September 2018  
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