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July 25, 2012, 10:49 AM

Theology of the Cross!

I don't know about you but I remember nearly every mistake I've ever made, every dumb or hurtful thing I've ever said to anyone and every time I've not done what I should have.  Call it Lutheran guilt or just a bad complex, it weighs heavy on me sometimes.  I know I've done a lot of good things.  But the dark, anxious, lazy, selfish side of myself is what I seem to frequently dwell on. 

Martin Luther had a similar problem, never feeling "good enough" for God. Then he realized that he will NEVER be good enough.  And that's likely when the "Theology of the Cross" was born.  Or at least that's when it seems he made the connection. Theology of the cross asks the question, just what is Jesus accomplishing up there hanging on the cross for our sake any way.  Now this may be impossible to answer fully.  But if he is there to bare our sins, which he is.  And he if he descends into death only for our behalf, which he does.  And he proves in the resurrection that he came to give only life and not condemnation, which happened.  Then what is left for us to do except have nothing but hope?  There is no longer need for doubt or fear or self loathing!

The first speaker for the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans said it probably the best I've ever heard.  Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber put it something like this, "This is a God who from the cross didn't even lift a finger to condemn the enemy.  But who instead said 'I would rather die than be in the sin accounting business any more!'"  I just love this!  This is the good news of the cross.  And it is good news for me.  It reminded me that when I gaze upon that wonderfully strange cross of Jesus that when he looks at me, he does not see or even care about all those mistakes I've made, the times I've turned away from him, the times I failed to serve or to help someone.  He simply sees his child through nothing but eyes of love.

Now that's a good starting place for the day.  It takes away my excuse to dwell on my weakness and inadequacies.  And it takes away my pitiful excuses to not have hope and to not be good enough to serve.  Basically it reminds me to get over myself and my perceived problems and remember that the God who created everything including me, holds me firmly close- But who also says, go and share my love.

So that's my point of view for today!  God's blessings to you as you "survey the wondrous cross!"

Peace of Christ,

Pastor Jeff

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