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October 30, 2014, 11:56 AM

All Saints Sunday

November 2014    


             The first Sunday in November is All Saint’s Sunday.  This is a very significant festival of the Church where we celebrate the “Church Triumphant!”  In particular it is the Sunday we remember that our loved ones who have died are still with us just as Christ is with us!

            “What is “The Church Triumphant,” you may ask. It is God’s Kingdom after death.  More specifically it is how we talk about Heaven and the Church being connected daily through the living Christ.  In other words God’s Kingdom is there and it is here at the same time.  Only a thin veil separates us as they say. Therefore the Church is that vital source of faith that helps us trust that there is so much more after we die made possible in the resurrection. 

            We also celebrate at the communion rail the “feast that has no end!”  When we share the Lord’s Supper, it helps me to imagine an endless banquet table in heaven with all the ancestors gathered around dinning with Christ.  It is truly a meal like no other.

            We will continue the tradition of lighting candles for our loved ones and placing them on the communion rail as a way to remind us that their light still shines.  Please come and help us celebrate this most special day.

In Christ,

Pastor Jeff

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