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December 3, 2012, 9:39 AM


Do you have your Advent decorations up with everything decked out in blue?   This would be an odd sight compared to the other houses around town made up in red, green, silver and gold.  But at St. Luke’s we do try and keep the church adornments blue and true during this short but very meaningful season.

      Advent after all is about anticipation.  The Sunday morning lessons are filled with anticipation for good things to come.  Oh sure it looks to the coming of Christmas Day, the high festival where we celebrate our savior’s birth.  But Advent also looks to the future for a time where joy, hope and peace will be the order for the day.  It boasts of a time when all the darkness, depression, oppression and suffering will be no more.  It longs for the fullness of Christ Jesus! 

      Ever wonder why when we read a story or see a movie, we want it to end well?  Consider this, movie studios often show their films to “test audiences” before releasing them to the big screen.  Many times the ending will be changed based on the audience’s reaction.  This happened with the love story “Sweet Home Alabama” where the main characters were originally struck by lightning and died at the end!  Needless to say this didn’t go over well.  So they changed it to where the much beloved characters lived happily ever after.

      Advent is the promise of that “Happy Ending” for us as God’s people.  But Advent also teaches us that it is worth waiting for!  Knowing what “is to come” gives us strength to face the difficulties of today.

      So go ahead, pull out those blue ribbons, wreaths and decorations and display them proudly as we relish this Advent season!

God’s blessings,

Pastor Jeff

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