February 2020 Newsletter

The Lamplighter

The Newsletter of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church                Conover NC

February                                                                            2020   


Mindy and I were recently in Hendersonville, walking the woods during a break at a conference.  The whole group had an assignment from a speaker who was inviting us to see with our eyes, but also to see with our other senses.  You know how a smell can transport you back in time.  Or, how a taste can allow you to picture something again; or, a song can stir up long ago memories.  After a talk about paying attention to our surroundings and looking for the spiritual in the everyday world, the assignment was simply to walk and look, listen, smell (maybe touch, maybe taste) and to find something that “spoke” to each of us and take a picture.  (We each emailed our picture to him and he at the end, very generously, gave the entire conference a matted print of the picture.)  

Mindy and I walked and I commented about how it might be easier to find things if it were spring or summer.  I was thinking of flowers and the mountain laurel being in bloom.  Mindy found a marvelous rainbow-colored windsock blowing in the breeze.  The colors are rich against the blue sky.  And the purple portion of the tail reflects a whimsical mood and trust that might capture the whole spirit of the conference.  I submitted the tree stump.  Fallen, broken, rotting, might be first impressions.  But it was rich with forest life there in the little swamp area of the NC mountains.  I intend to revisit it this spring when we are there again.  I want to see what the ants and beetles, the birds and squirrels are doing with it.  I’m wondering what will bloom as it feeds the ground around it.

Our speaker sent us out with our cell phone cameras and a measure of intentionality—"Take a picture”—he said; really though, he was asking us to step out in faith and use the “camera of the heart.”  Beauty and grace abound.  Step out in faith.  See.  Maybe even snap a picture.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Russell Makant



Feb. 4                   Social Ministry committee meeting (2 PM)       

Feb. 9                 *Evangelism fundraiser lunch (11:30 AM)

Feb. 12               *Seniors Luncheon (11:45 AM)

Feb. 18                 Church Council meeting (6:30 PM)

Feb. 20                 Newsletter info DEADLINE

Feb. 22                 Council planning meeting (9 AM)

Feb. 23                *50th Anniversary of Ordination

                                        of Women (5 PM)

Feb. 26                *Ash Wednesday Service (7 PM)


*See Notes for More Information




Council Officers

In its recent meeting, the council elected officers for the 2020. Barbara Hefner is our new Council President, Tim Killian is Vice President, and Janet Hawn and Carolyn Troutman will continue as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.


Council Contacts

This are the council contacts for the various committees: Stewardship – Anita Huffman; Christian Education/Youth – Tim Killian/David Keller; Evangelism – Joyce Baker; Social Ministry – Amy Sigmon; Worship & Music – Brenda Sluder; Property – Ralph Huffman


Evangelism Fundraiser Luncheon

The Evangelism Committee will host a Fundraiser Luncheon following worship on February 9. The meal consists of baked spaghetti, salad, bread, dessert, and drink. Proceeds from this meal will go toward the Building Fund.


Seniors Group News

The seniors will have their monthly luncheon Wednesday, February 12 at 11:45 AM in the Fellowship Center. All members 60 years of age and over are invited to attend.


Training Session Upcoming

The ELCA is a founding member of the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign, which is an effort to live out the command "love your neighbor as yourself." This campaign stands with American Muslims and envisions an America where all faiths are held in respect.. You can read more at https://www.shouldertoshouldercampaign.org A Shoulder to Shoulder training session called "Faith over Fear" is being held at Lenoir-Rhyne University though the Living Well Center for Vocation and Purpose on Tuesday, Feb. 18th from 9-4 and Wednesday, Feb. 19 from 1-4 PM. It is free. But registration is required. You can register at https://www.shouldertoshouldercampaign.org/trainings


Special Worship Service

St. Luke’s will be holding a special worship service celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ordination of Women in the ELCA and predecessor bodies on Sunday, February 23 at 5:00 PM. Dr. Mindy G. Makant, ELCA Deacon will preach. Rev. Sara Ilderton, Assistant to the Bishop of NC Synod will preside. Pastor Russell Makant is hosting and other area clergy will participate. Come join in this celebratory event.


Ash Wednesday Worship

Ash Wednesday Service is at 7:00 PM on February 26.  This solemn service marks the beginning of Lent.  During the service, all who desire are invited to come forward and receive the sign of the cross – marked with ashes upon our foreheads.  Children are most certainly welcome! However, please prepare them as needed for the more serious nature of this service.




2/1 - Joyce Hefner                                 2/3 - Kathy Keller

2/4 - Mary Keller                                    2/6 - Emily Sigmon

2/8 - Gary Hefner                                   2/9 - Dawn Barger

2/11 – Joyce Bolick                                2/12 - Carol Davis

2/13 - Doug Hefner                                 2/14 - Dianne Aaron

2/16 - Andrew Henson                            2/19 - Deb Johnson

2/22 - Aubree Taylor




2/26 - Barry & Jodie Kanipe                            2/12 - Dean & Jan Knight


Serving This Month (February)

Ushers – Darrell Allen, Jerry Shook

Reader– Lynn Baker

Communion Assistant – Joyce Baker

Prayer Assistant – Joyce Baker

Greeter – John & Kay Bumgarner

Offering Counters – Anita Huffman, Tim Killian

Flowers – 2/2 – Amy Sigmon; 2/9-2/23 – OPEN.






Bucket Money

The money taken up in the buckets during this quarter (January-March) will be for NETWorX


Remember in Your Prayers

Those among us who are:

Serving in the military

Are homebound or are in nursing facilities

Sick or chronically ill

Nearing death or have recently passed away


Dealing with drug or alcohol addiction and their families

Victims of violence or hate

Disaster victims

The Church Council and all groups in the congregation

Prayer Partners:  The Children’s Advocacy Center, St. Stephens Volunteer Fire Department, Sipe’s Orchard Home, St. Francis of Assisi Service Dog Organization

We will pray for individuals in our weekly worship and our personal prayer life.