December 2019 Newsletter

The Lamplighter

The Newsletter of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Conover NC

December                                                                            2019


As a child I used to hold my breath and sit on the bottom of the pool for as long as I could. I wasn’t timing it or trying to strengthen my asthmatic lungs. I was noticing the sounds underwater—other swimmers, people playing nearby, a jet overhead. But mostly what intrigued me was the silence one could hear underwater. Certainly, it was not complete silence; but it was not just an imitation either. That underwater-silence-in-the-pool is, I think, something like our Advent waiting. Breath-holding for what is around us; breath-holding for what is still to come. Breath-taking for what is around us. Breath-taking for what has come. Somewhere off in the distance is the sound of a birth cry still echoing in our time and mingling with the sounds of that child born to us, grown up, crucified on a cross, speaking words like: “I thirst.” “Today you will be with me.” “Forgive them.” Somewhere very near us that Risen-Word-Made-Flesh still comes. Hold your breath and listen. You might just hear him this Advent.


Grace and Peace to you all this Advent and Christmas,

Pastor Russell Makant




Nov. 30     *Children’s Craft Workshop (11 AM)

Dec. 1        *Congregational Meeting (11:30 AM)

Dec. 3           Evangelism Committee meeting (3:30 PM)

Dec. 8         *Movie Night (5:00 PM)

Dec. 11       *Seniors Christmas Luncheon (11:45 AM)

                    *Bible Study (7 PM)

Dec. 15       *Choir Cantata (during 10:30 AM worship)

                    *Children’s Christmas play (5 PM @ SSELCA)

Dec. 17          Council Christmas gathering (6 PM)

Dec. 20          December Newsletter info DEADLINE

Dec. 21        *Longest Night Service (5:30 PM)

Dec. 25        *Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (7 PM)

*See Notes for More Information



We are using the Narrative Lectionary for our worship. This assigns one Scripture reading from the Bible for each Sunday. We've spent time in the Old Testament with some key stories. We'll hear the Christmas story from Luke and after Christmas, we will begin a journey through the Gospel of Mark that will take us to Easter Sunday. The upcoming week's reading is put in the bulletin. You're encouraged to read it during the week as a way to prepare for worship.


Children’s Craft Workshop

There will be a craft workshop for kids from 11AM-3 PM on Saturday, November 30. They will be making items to be used a Christmas gifts. For more information, contact Cathy Keller.


Congregational Meeting

Our annual congregational meeting will be held following worship on Sunday, December 1. The main orders of business will be to elect new members to the Church Council and to ratify the spending plan for 2020. Please make plans to attend.


Special Thanks

Our thanks are extended to those council members whose terms end this year for their service to the congregation: John Bumgarner, Janie Dellinger, Dot Hawn, and Dean Knight.


Social Ministry News

The deadline for the return of the Salvation Army Christmas Stockings is Sunday, Dec. 1. The Social Ministry team would like to thank everyone who has participated in this project.


Children’s Christmas Play Rehearsals

The final rehearsals for this year’s Children’s Christmas Play will be Sunday, December 8 from 12PM-2:30 PM and the afternoon of December 15 (dress rehearsal) at St Stephens ELCA.


Movie Night

December’s Movie Night will be Sunday, December 8 at 5:30. We will be showing “The Grinch”. There will be a potluck prior to the movie. Bring a dish or two to share. The showing is free; invite your friends. Following the movie will be a short discussion on how the film connects to the faith.


Seniors Group News

The seniors will have their annual Christmas luncheon Wednesday, December 11 at 11:45 AM in the Fellowship Center. All members 60 years of age and over are invited to attend.


Second Wednesday Bible Study

This month’s Bible study will be held Wednesday, December 11 at 7 PM. We will watch a short video from the “Noomba” series and discuss it and the Bible connections drawn from it. This is an informal discussion around Bible and faith. Elementary and younger aged children will watch a Veggie Tales episode, read and discuss the related Bible verses, and do a craft or activity.


Craft/Quilting Class

Be sure to watch the bulletin and your email for the date and time of the next Craft/Quilting Class.


Special Worship Opportunities

During the 10:30 worship service on Sunday, December 15, the choir will present the cantata “Light of the World”. That afternoon at 5 PM our children, along with the children of St. Stephens ELCA and Millers Lutheran, will present a traditional Christmas Play at St. Stephens. There will be a potluck meal to follow.


There will be a special Longest Night service planned for the Winter Solstice, Saturday, December 21 at 5:30 PM at Northminster Presbyterian Church (3730 N Center St.). Also included with us and Northminster will be Peace UCC and St. Andrew’s Lutheran. It is a special service of light and comfort for all who are struggling with loss, grief, and other difficulties this time of year. All are invited to attend. Watch for more information in the bulletin.


Our Christmas Eve Candlelight service will be held Tuesday, December 24 at 7 PM. This special service will include Holy Communion, beloved Christmas carols, children’s message, and candle lighting ceremony. Invite your friends, co-workers, and neighbors to this memorable Christmas celebration.




12/2 - Rosco Troutman                                       12/3 - Beverly Ledford

12/5 - Nick Huffman                                           12/11 - John Bumgarner

12/12 - Nora Swink                                             12/15 - Lynn Baker

12/20 - Jayden Hefner                                         12/23 - Amy Sigmon

12/26 – Chase Christie



12/18 - Jeff & Barbara Hefner                       12/23 - Jason & Dawn Taylor

12/29 - Gary & Joyce Hefner



Serving This Month (December)

Ushers – Tim Aaron, Lynn Baker

Reader– Brenda Sluder

Communion Assistant – Brenda Sluder

Prayer Assistant – Linda Keller

Greeter – Jerry Shook

Offering Counters – John Bumgarner, Ralph Huffman

Flowers – 12/1 – OPEN; 12/8 – Kay Bumgarner; 12/15-29 – CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS







Bucket Money

The money taken up in the buckets during this quarter (October-December) will be for Lily Pad Haven.






Remember in Your Prayers

Those among us who are:

Serving in the military

Are homebound or are in nursing facilities

Sick or chronically ill

Nearing death or have recently passed away


Dealing with drug or alcohol addiction and their families

Victims of violence or hate

Disaster victims

The Church Council and all groups in the congregation

Prayer Partners: The Children’s Advocacy Center, St. Stephens Volunteer Fire Department, Sipe’s Orchard Home, St. Francis of Assisi Service Dog Organization


We will pray for individuals in our weekly worship and our personal prayer life.