April 2020 Newsletter

The Lamplighter

The Newsletter of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Conover NC

April                                                                                                               2020


Last month I wrote of the “typical week of the pastor” – these have been anything but typical week(s) and the coming month(s) looks equally strange. As I write this on March 20, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Luke’s Lutheran, Conover is not having in person (public) worship at the building site. There’s growing potential for this cancellation of services to move into the month of April. Please keep an eye on emails, the webpage (http://www.stlukesconover.org/), Facebook, and help share information by text or word of mouth as decisions are made.


This is all discombobulating, disorienting, distressing. For most of us, our sense of normalcy is gone right now. I want to encourage you to be patient with yourselves, with one another, with strangers (neighbors). is clearly a time to remember who and whose we are—God’s people (Psalm 100), brothers and sisters in Christ (see Matthew 5:43-47 for one suitable example), ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20).


(This is a complete side note, but from my days teaching history, I know the word normalcy was originally used mathematically to speak of things at right angles. Warren Harding used “normalcy” in his presidential campaign slogan—"A Return to Normalcy”—after WWI. He wasn’t the first to use it outside the mathematical definition, but he certainly popularized it. We too are outside our right angles and may have to get creative in our wait for a new normalcy.)


Expecting that our cancellation of in person worship will go into April; area ELCA Lutheran Pastors are collaborating in varying ways. As I write plans are being made for some “round robin” services at varying sites. Nothing is finalized and we are still on a wait and see path. Watch for details.

The NC Synod website https://nclutheran.org/ has many links you might choose to look at related to the response to COVID -19. St. Luke’s now has a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeh4rXOvYThb4ITy36mo0sQ I’ll be posting some things there, including our recording worship services.


Very likely, by the time you read this. It will be outdated. It is all moving fast. Know you are prayed for, pray for one another, find ways to show love, to live your baptism, to support the community of faith (financially and even with special offerings of food or clothing or childcare, etc.), keep a sense of humor. (Several people have posted the cartoon—the Eucharist is serious; but, surely Jesus has a good sense of humor.) This is stressing for most all. Rest, exercise, stay hydrated, especially as the weather warms up.


Again, watch for further information to come.


Grace and peace,

Pastor Russell Makant  





Apr. 5             Palm/Passion Sunday

Apr. 9             Maundy Thursday

Apr. 10           Good Friday

Apr. 12           Easter Sunday

Apr. 20           Newsletter info DEADLINE

Apr. 21           Church Council meeting (tentative)



*See Notes for More Information





Editor’s Note

You may already be aware that, in observance to the Governor’s Stay-At-Home order, all gatherings of over 10 people are prohibited for at least the month of April due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, all in-person events at St. Luke’s have been cancelled. Much as has been happening in the education field and in pockets of entertainment, we are using social media technology to keep everyone in touch. We have been posting modified services and meditations for the past couple of weeks, and plans are underway for special e-services for Holy Week and Easter. Please watch you email for details for this and other announcements.


Also, watch our webpage (http://stlukesconover.org/), and our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/stlukeselca)


Please be sure to take care of yourself and others during this time: Wash your hands, keep your distance, check regularly on friends and loved ones to see that they are well, and exercise and eat well to maintain your own health. Pray for those who are ill with this or other ailments, those whose confinement create a physical, mental, or financial burden, all who work in health care and public safety, anyone who continues to work in retail and food service, our spiritual leaders, and all in other posts of leadership that they may make wise decisions.


Bert Cline



A message from our secretary, Jennifer

I hope everyone is safe and well. I would like to thank you for your continued support sending in your offerings by mail or dropping your offerings by the church. This is helping us pay our monthly bills. Even though we are short for the month, we as a church family will get through this. Some monthly bills coming in have lowered since we have not been having church services, which is very helpful. Please continue giving if you are able.

I will be here at church working remotely for my job. The days I will be here is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5a – 4p. This will be for the next couple weeks. If you want to text me @ 828-291-5735 to see if I am here, you can do so.

Most people are asking how they can send in their offerings. The information below is very helpful if you are not sure about mailing in your checks or money.

Setting up Bill pay with your Bank –The donor uses the bank’s ‘Bill Pay’ feature to setup the church as the payee and schedules a one time or recurring transfer of funds to the church for a certain amount. What most people do not realize is that the bank actually sends the church a check by mail and the church then has to process it just like any other check it receives during the week.

Thank you to everyone and stay safe.



4/ 5 - Heather Huffman                4/7 - Dot Hawn

4/8 - Ethan Hefner                        4/10 - Debbie Austin

4/13 - Deborah Lowman               4/17 - Anthony Bumgarner

4/17 - Frances Lafone                    4/19 - Sandi Elrod

4/19 - Jason Taylor                         4/21 - Gloria Aaron

4/22 - Ben Austin                            4/24 – Russell Makant



4/2 - Ty & Sandi Elrod                     4/27 - Lynn & Joyce Baker

4/30 - John & Nancy Rocket.





Bucket Money

The money taken up in the buckets during this quarter (April-June) will be for Don’t Judge Me, Help Me – Opiate Outreach.


Remember in Your Prayers

Those among us who are:

Serving in the military

Are homebound or are in nursing facilities

Sick or chronically ill

Nearing death or have recently passed away


Dealing with drug or alcohol addiction and their families

Victims of violence or hate

Disaster victims

The Church Council and all groups in the congregation

Prayer Partners: The Children’s Advocacy Center, St. Stephens Volunteer Fire Department, Sipe’s Orchard Home, St. Francis of Assisi Service Dog Organization

We will pray for individuals in our weekly worship and our personal prayer life.